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We serve wine and beer makers from novice to expert; you’ll find everything you need in our store to ensure you make the best quality wine and beer, all at a fraction of the price you would pay at the retail level.

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Clean and welcoming store environment
  • State-of-the-art in-store winery services
  • High-quality, custom wine kits
  • Expert advice and guidance for selections and process
  • In-store specials and exclusive offerings
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Along with creative control over the finished product, this adds up to unrivalled value for your hard-earned dollars. We look forward to seeing you in our store soon!


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new4Brew Beer at Wine Kitz Toronto

We are pleased to announce that Wine Kitz Toronto will now be offering beer making service on premise.Choose from a wide variety of kits including Australian Cooper’s, British Munton’s and North America’s Brewers Best.These kits spanning 3 continenets, offer selections such as Lager, Pilsner, Stout, assorted ale’s, Bitter, Cervesa and the list goes on.Our u-brew options allow you to customize the recipes to suit your palate. Prices start from as low as $65.50 for 23 L of product (Equivalent to 66 domestic bottles). Price includes everything but bottles. As an introductory offer, on your first batch you will receive 25% off your choice of bottles. Please contact us if you would like more information.

We also carry a full line of beer kits, including all the equipment and ingredients you’ll need to make high-quality, delicious beer. You’ll find all the best brands here, including Muntons, Coopers, Brewer’s Best and the all new Mister Beer (formerly known as Big & Easy) bottle brew.



NEW! We are very excited to announce the Wine Cellar 2014 varietals! Read on for details.



The Carménère


Available In Store Now!

The Region: The vineyards of Chile are found along an 800 mile stretch of land protected by the coastal mountain ranges. The region has a Mediterranean climate comparative to California or Bordeaux. Warm, sunny days and cool nights are ideal for producing great wines.

The Wine: The Carménère grape was originally planted in Bordeaux, France but is now found almost exclusively in Chile. It produces a medium bodied wine with aromas of fruit and spice. It has a deep crimson colour and a fruity flavour with smokey, earthy notes.

The Food: Carménère pairs beautifully with a meal of braised beef and grilled vegetables and is also delicious with dark chocolate.



Riesling Traminer


Available In Store Now!

The Region: Australia has one of the world’s most respected wine industries, with more than 60 designated wine growing regions, a temperate, Mediterranean style climate, and ideal soil conditions.

The Wine: This aromatic blend has fragrances of exotic spices and florals. It is crisp and refreshing with juicy, well-rounded flavours and notes of Iychee, guava, and fresh citrus.

The Food: Riesling / Traminer goes well with seafood, white meats, and light, spicy dishes. Paired with Asian cuisine, this popular blend is sure to please.



Rosso Tuscano


Available In Store Now!

The Region: The vineyards of the Tuscany wine region are of the finest in Italy with a warm dry climate and a long growing season. The steep, well drained slopes of the vineyards benefit from both the blazing Tuscan sun and maritime winds, producing aromatic wines of exceptional complexity.

The Wine: Rosso Tuscano is a bold and flavourful new proprietary blend. It is dry and medium bodied, with rich flavours and sour cherry, leather, spice, and cocoa.

The Food: Rosso Tuscano is the perfect companion for leg of lamb, strong cheese or slow roasted beef.


new4Blackberry Port

blackberry_btlAvailable In Store Now!

The Wine: This is a full flavoured, port style dessert wine with luscious, fruity aromas. On the palate, the taste is rich and sweet, with complex flavours of ripe berries and an invigorating finish that is sure to please the senses. A truly special wine to be sipped and savoured, this wine is amazingly good after a few months in the bottle and will continue to improve for years. We recommend bottling in 375 ml. bottles - a little goes a long way.

The Food:  Blackberry Port Style wine is excellent on its own, but irresistible when paired with decadent chocolate desserts or aged cheeses. The perfect end to a great meal.

new4Cabernet Franc  

cabernetFranc_btlAvailable In Store Now!

The Wine: Wonderful flavours of raspberry, strawberry jam, blueberry, and honey give this wine an exceptionally luscious mouth-feel. A perfect balance of acidity and sweetness creates a true icewine style experience. Serve chilled in small white wine glasses.

The Food: Cabernet Franc Icewine Style is excellent during a meal when paired with a savoury pate or olive tapenade. After a meal this crowd-pleaser is the perfect match for sweet fruit tarts or rich dark chocolate.


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